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About:  My name is Alia. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and spend a lot of time on public transit—usually BART, but sometimes buses or Caltrain. It can get old, but there's always something new: I listen in, look over shoulders, and deposit stories here.

I avoid identifying individuals, either in words or pictures—but at the end of the day, public transit is ... well, public. I'm happy to chat about the ethics of eavesdropping (or anything else). Drop me a line.

Credit is given where credit is due; all other words and pictures are my own. Let me know if you see something you like.
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[Audio: A pretty standard opera piece I would know the name of were I at all culturally literate, Timothy Blevins, Montgomery Station, 7/12/12]

That big baritone boom is Timothy Blevins, whose cardboard sign says “Out of work musician” and resume (PDF) says “masters at Julliard” and “New York City Opera”. Lean times—though in this case he has the advantage of what’s probably the best busking spot in the system. That and, you know, skills.

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